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Friday night I went out to dinner with my transgendered brother and her girlfriend. I find I still have to write sentences like that simply to convey the surreal strangeness that is this situation. On one hand, I was the least girly person in the car, occasionally being the level-head amid two giggly girls. On the other, twenty-five years of Tessa being my brother, who just happens to now wears make-up and cuter tops than I do. Cognitive dissonance will get you every time. We had dinner at a Chinese place in the Old Market and shopped a little. A generally nice evening though we had no plan and I was a little chilly.

Saturday, Tania came up to visit. We had an epic search for baklava. Katie’s Greek Restaurant was closed, so we ended up at Romeo’s. With Mexican food and pizza, Romeo’s is seemingly the default when you can’t decide where to eat. We shopped a bit, encountering an incredibly talented salesman at one of the kioks at Westroads, and then sought out Feta’s for dinner.

Sunday, Eric and I had dinner at Chad & Michelle’s in honor of nephew Aidan’s first birthday. Usually somewhat wary of strangers, Aidan immediately wanted to be held by me. We figure it’s probably because I look a little like Michelle. We both have curly hair with a high part and wear glasses. Still, it was rather befuddling to my to have a burgeoning toddler come to *me*.

On the work end, I rewrote a scene Friday while spending some alone time on my parent’s deck (which is where I am now), and “rebranded” Obscure Music Monday as Obscure Media Monday. It will probably still be mostly music, but I’m a novelty seeker. I need the flexibility to do something else. Wrote a new entry this morning:
Obscure Media Monday: Nouvelle Vague

Need to do more Hugo reading and/or go through some markets for Joanne.

UA biologist discovers new moth, names for wife
Being only part-way through my coffee this morning, my slow brain wanted to know what new names he’d discovered for his wife. Also, moth news! Always fun.

Trip on Wednesday went well, as trips usually do. Despite my screwing up light-rail fare (you can’t by a one-way pass in advance, it seems), we got to the airport with no problems at all. Using the rail and the airport shuttle probably didn’t take much longer than driving and parking either. I don’t think it’s caught on though. We were the only ones on the shuttle.

Things we forgot to pack: cash and sunscreen.
I also can’t remember if I turned off the ceiling fan.

Hung out with my family yesterday and will do so again today. Everyone was well behaved. My parents have acquired a very cool cat. He’s incredibly curious and has the attitude of everything being a potential cat toy. Including, say, my elbow. Regardless, better than a cat that continually hides under furniture.

I intend to go running this morning, but I have no idea why I didn’t pack exercise pants. It’s 64 degrees and not sunny.

Links of interst:
Adults, Especially Women, Have Calorie-burning ‘Brown Fat’
Götterdämmerung Halluzination
Rajeev Motwani, a Professor Behind Google, Dies at 47

No really, can I go home now?

Not to say that most everyone hasn’t been great to me while I’m here, but I miss the autonomy of being in my own apartment in my own city. Eric’s parents especially have been so tolerant of my being up early and getting me to my parent’s house when I need to be.

And so, the thing that’s been going on in my family: my brother is transgendered.  I won’t go into the details of the family controversy surrounding this other than the current drama.  When my mom, sister!brother, and I chatted in the kitchen last Thursday night, I thought that things were going okay between Mom and Tessa!Tom.  Apparently, the next day there was a phone call from Tessa!Tom that resulted in them not speaking to each other.  Hence, a very tense family dinner on Monday night.  Which both my mother and sister!brother think was perfectly normal.  Nothing wrong at all!  Just cold waves of silence up and down the table.  Even Eric noticed it.

I was supposed to go see Hellboy II with Tessa!Tom on Tuesday, but he had to take a friend of hers!his to have her nose fixed.  That went long and we ended up doing dinner and a trip to the Old Market instead.

Wednesday, Eric and I did some things on our own.  Mostly eating.  Lunch at Imperial Palace, dinner at Grisanti’s.  There were tentative Eileen’s Colossal Cookies or Ted & Wally’s plans, but we were way to full by the time all was said and done.

Thursday, I was going to go to the zoo with my mom, but it was too hot and muggy by the time I got over to my parent’s house.  We ended up staying in and watching Untraceable and many DVRed episodes of Two and a Half Men.  And then we went out to eat at Amarillo, a BBQ joint in Bellevue.  Very, very tasty.  I don’t know how well it stands up to actual Texas BBQ, but it was damn good.

And that brings me to today.  Originally, dinner at Chad and Michelle’s was planned for tonight and I was going to hide out here (my in-law’s) during the day.  The weather had changed that plan.  Eric and his dad have been trying to get some cement work done this week and they wanted to take advantage of the clear day.  So, I headed to my parent’s with intent of staying here tomorrow instead.  Again my mom and I ruled out the zoo.  Since my sister!brother was off from work, we quickly rescheduled the movie.  This probably didn’t make my mother happy since their on the outs, but, well, I had promised and I wasn’t going to be around for my sister!bother’s day off tomorrow.  Hellboy II was good, but really there was only a slim chance that I wasn’t going to like it.

Despite a rocky start to the day, I survived.  Eric’s mom made her luscious German chocolate cake and I have the prospect of a leisurely day tomorrow.  I’ve given up the notion of getting work done, but a nice long run is wanted as well as some quality time teaching myself more JavaScript.

Is it time to go home now?

To Nude, or Not To Nude

I’m sure there would be quite an uproar if his nudity was shown on a public station,

This assumes that people actually watch PBS.

Had dinner last night a Culver’s. According to my mother, dinner went well. I beg to differ…
The food was fairly tasty. I wish I would have had room to try their frozen custard.

Off to see Hellboy II in a while.

Wish I could pop home for a day or two to recharge my social batteries.

How It’s Going

We still have over a week left to our trip and I’m already tired.

Hung out with my family on Thursday.  Everyone was well-behaved, though I guess my mom and brother had a fight Saturday morning and currently are not talking to each other.  I’ll have more to say on that issue when I sort out my thoughts on the matter.

Friday, I stayed at the Nabity’s.  Chad, Michelle, and the nieces and nephews were coming over for dinner, and I think I missed them entirely the lat time we were here.  During the afternoon, I worked on some VOTS stuff and engaged in some Facebook silliness.  Seeing Lauren & Gwen, Ben & Aidan was good.  They’re such well behaved kids.  Lauren’s 13 and the rest are well below double digit ages, so she was happy to see her Uncle Eric.  He took her to a movie Saturday and we plan on taking her out to dinner at some point during the week.

Saturday, Tania came up from Lincoln and we had lunch, shopping, and coffee.  I’m not sure I’ve seen Tania in ten years.  We sort of lost touch after I headed to AZ, but Facebook has offered an easier way to communicate.  It was really great seeing her.  Just like old times despite the intervening near-decade.

Yesterday, we went out and played disc.  Ultimate time in Omaha is about 50% later than ultimate time other places, but once they got going they had quite a crowd.  Good to see that my favorite sport is thriving here.  Didn’t hurt that the weather was gorgeous.  Cool, and less humidity than usual.  I wish I had camera.  Memorial Park is really a lovely place to play.  My play was average.  They play a real poachy, cloggy game here.  I managed a couple of decent swings and scored on a guy that poached way the hell off me.  Silly boy.

After, I headed over to my parents.  On Thursday, I mentioned to my mom that I’d like to get my hair done.  She has a lady that she’s been going to for a while.  Since the stylist, Vickie, works Sundays, Mom decided to call for an appointment when I showed up.  Vickie had an opening at 5pm, so we decided to jump on it.  So, sooner than I expected, I have a new do.  They (Mom and Vickie) also talked my into getting my eyebrows groomed.  Sadly, it makes quite a bit of difference.  Luckily, the cut and waxing was pretty cheap.  Vickie gave me the address of where I can go when I get back to AZ.  ‘Course, the cut probably looked its best yesterday, when it had the proper product in it.  We’ll see how it fares after I wash it and do nothing to it today.

Well, I better get my run in.  I’ve dropped a minute and a half off my “hilly route” time, so I should probably try doubling it today.  Or not.  I’m sort of tired.   Tonight, dinner out with my family, including Eric.  And my brother.  I hate awkward family drama.

Yesterday, I ran a mile in 7.5 mins.  Today, I ran 1.6 in 16 mins.  The route was unfamiliar and there are hills here.  Hills!  And also trees tall enough to provide shade, sidewalks that are further away from traffic than a foot, and wildlife.  I saw bunnies while running!  Usually, it’s just pidgeons and grackles.

So far, so good today.  I got up ate some breakfast, did my thing, went for a run.  Now I’m showered and patiently waiting for Eric to get me over to my family.  Thus far, no sign of plane crud.


Nothing has made me appreciate my little old Tempe apartment, my daily schedule of writing-exercise-working, and my solitude more than taking a vacation from it. 🙂

The trip got off to a *very* rocky start. While getting all our poop in a group Thursday, I checked our checking account balance over the phone. And realized the airline (America West) had re-deposited the amount of one of our tickets. Eh? I thought to myself. It had been deposited the day before, so I called them. They had cancelled one of our tickets. Due to an error I had made when I ordered them online, the one ticket was cancelled. But they had sent an e-mail saying that my reservation had been made. Then withdrew the money and re-deposited it. And didn’t tell us it was being cancelled. Well, Thursday ended with me feeling stupid (again) and Eric severly pissed off. I was able to get another ticket over the phone, but at a higher price of course. Top off the day with our flight being moved from one gate to another (without an announcement being made) and the flight being an hour late. Needless to say, I’m a bit disenchanted with America West airlines.

But Omaha was beautiful. The weather when we got there was cold. We went from 90s in Phoenix to 30s in Omaha. It warmed up considerably by the end of our week there. Due to the early freeze, the trees were changing sooner than they usually would, the birds were fleeing in droves, and the squirrels were busy as beavers. (Hmm, a mixed rodent simalie…) And it was cloudy! JUST cloudy. No rain, just a sky painted with whites and greys. *sigh* Good stuff Manerd…

It was a busy trip. Everyday there was *something* scheduled. Too many people and places to see. I think Eric and I did an okay job of balancing our time between my family and my in-laws maybe to the point that we gave up some of our personal time. By the time we fled to Lincoln on Thursday, I just wanted my husband *alone*. Everyone was fairly well behaved as well. I am still a little worried about my mom (when am I not…). The Nabitys (who are much more well to do than my family) have a tendancy to throw money around a bit. They figure if they have it, and there was a time when they didn’t, they might as well use it. So they took my family out to dinner and then the get-together-for-cake turned into more of a reception than I had wanted it to be. I fear my mom might see it as a slight towards her which it certainly wasn’t meant to be. The Nabitys had waited to give us any wedding gifts which I hadn’t really thought about. (Some beautiful crystal, much too fine for the likes of me, and some Victoria’s Secret gifts that were designed to embarrass Eric *grin*) It’s too bad Chad (brother-in-law) didn’t get the pictures he took on CD. I’d love to add them to my website.

Ah…good things though…
–Cinnimon ice cream at Ted & Wally’s. This ice cream has a sticky, slightly doughy texture great stuff.

–Trips to the Antiquarium and A Novel Idea. Two of the best bookstores I’ve ever found. Cats roam throughout both. *grin* Between the crystal, some clothes I bought, and the books I bought, we had to check two boxes on our way back to AZ.

–Eating at Crane River! Only the best turkey and havartie sandwich there is!

–Got to go dancing at 1427 (a techno club). Unfortunately two other inferior clubs have opened and are taking business away from our dear club.

–Spellbound books (and Bob!). This is a gaming store and it’s proprietor. We recieved quite a shock when we found Bob’s old storefront vacant! We feared that he had gone out of business. It seemed an unlikely thing, but it happens to small businesses everyday. But instead Bob had just moved again to a spiffy new store in East Lincoln. *Whew!*

And of course there was seeing family! My grandparent’s are looking good. When we left, my grandma was recovering from pneumonia. I think they are both taking care of themselves a little better now. Retirement has only helped Eric’s parents. They are looking spry as ever. My grandmother commented that they were nicer than she expected. I said, “They’re old farmers.” And she said, “Oh, that explains it.” And my niece Lauren is getting so *BIG!*

I could ramble on forever, but I’ve got so much to do. (One of them, catching up with you all!)

Finish Unpacking
At least do Eric’s laundry. I’d like to actually see him wear some of the nice shirts and pnats his mom bought.
I’m feeling very motivated (I’m sure it won’t last long) and I want to get some writing on the second novel done.
General organization of info that has come in while I’ve been gone–writing markets, D&D stuff, e-mails…but hell or high water I’m quiting that at 10:30 to do my exercise. My diet was shot to HELL!