Friday Summary

Where am I?Pas de Chat finished posting this past Sunday. Still undecided on whether I want to spend time cleaning it up. My sister Tessa is willing to help out with cover art (and new cover art for Lucinda at the Window), but I haven't touched base with her since Wednesday. She's working on establishing … Continue reading Friday Summary

Friday Round Up; Of Health

Time for my Friday round up:Where was I this week?Guest post over at A Round of Words in 80 Days: What Richard Simmons Taught Me About Being a WriterPas de Chat, Ch.44, pt. 1. I really need to update the index...Over at Reading Notes, I muse on the nature of Dennis Lehane's books and note a … Continue reading Friday Round Up; Of Health

Notes & G is for…

Other than RoW80 and A to Z, where am I:The second part of Chapter 40 is up at Pas de Chat.Posted a review-ish thing of Prospero Lost at Reading Notes.Speaking of Reading Notes, I'm going to participate in Dewey's Read-a-thon tomorrow. I'll be updating all day!This was the last week of spring league. Mario's Magic … Continue reading Notes & G is for…

Friday Frivolity

Not really feeling frivolous, but I can hope that the use of happy words can affect mood like happy expressions affect mood.Where am/was I this week:New words on Luck for Hire means new Luck on the web. My official #FridayFlash is "Business as Usual." Chronologically, this is the most up-to-date Luck, but on the blog … Continue reading Friday Frivolity

Every Day is a Month When You’re Busy

Cadbury Christmas "Cadberries" (and their Easter brethren) can no longer come into the apartment. They join a rather short list of things that I will eat compulsively if I have access to them, "diet" be damned.The first day of RoW80 went off well enough, I suppose. I ended up deleting part of a scene and … Continue reading Every Day is a Month When You’re Busy

Friday Flash: Joanne and the Jaguar

Mr. Luck has been neglected this week in favor of VOTS stuff, but Pas de Chat has been longer neglected in favor of  Mr. Luck.  The following is a semi-stand-alone except from Ch. 15 of Pas de Chat which will be posted on Sunday, Aug. 29th. So, this is a sneak peek/tease of sorts.---###---Joanne and … Continue reading Friday Flash: Joanne and the Jaguar

Friday Flash: A Tale of Balito Germand

It's been an interesting week, writing-wise, and I've unfortunately been sort of out of it. Thanks to everyone who has been reading nonetheless. Here's a summary and this weeks Friday Flash:I was the winner of Emma Newman's first Friday Flash podcast prize draw! To kick off her narration service, Em is recording pieces submitted by … Continue reading Friday Flash: A Tale of Balito Germand