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Waiting pain out: or why I don’t go to the doctor…

Dropping the label ‘schizophrenia’
Interesting.  There are many inaccurate connotations to the term schizophrenia, most propagated by movies that don’t bother to find out what the symptoms of the disorder actually are.  Even the etymology of the word is misleading in terms of what we now know about the disorder.  But if you rename schizophrenia, does this mean every disorder get a rename?  Does depression become serotonin defecate disorder?   And even if you do rename it, does that take away the stigma associated with it (and any mental health problem)?

Finished the POV rewrite.  It’s shoddy, but there.
Eric and I were reading/polishing some Model Species, but got caught on whether ‘booth’ is an okay word choice for a phone booth sized area that is *not* a phone booth.  That just seemed to take the wind out of us. 
It may be true that when I read the end product I won’t be able to tell which days were hard and which were not, but in the meantime the crappy bits are sticking out like sore pinky toes.

I think I’m going to read a while and then go to bed.  Tomorrow has got to be better.

Coffee Helps in Persuasion  See, this is why men should take women out for coffee instead of caramels.

Ten Things Teenage Writers Should Know  And some okay advise if you’re a not-so-teenage writer too.  I’m thinking about posting this link on a couple of MySpace forums that have a lot of teenagers, but I worry it might be presumptive of me.

About.com knows the Differences between Men and Women  I point this out because it really doesn’t say anything that’s new and it’s like a third of a normal web page big.  I’m just glad it can all be summed up so easily…

Via SportsGeezer (one of my favorite blogs), here’s the New Rules of Stretching  Interesting.  Whether this “rewrite [to] the book on stretching” is accurate and non-harmful, I don’t know.

Speaking of blogs, my LJ is becoming a little more bloggish.  That’s because I’m spending less time on Neopets and more time reading stuff.  Is it a good change?  I don’t know.  Mostly it’s just a means to pass on interesting links to Eric.  But, maybe I should start tagging things.

And ironically, the icon that seems to be the most “bloggish” is the Meepit…a critter from Neopets.

Tech Fields a Haven for Some  So just what does it say about me when I prefer to hang out with the engineers instead of interact with other writers?  It could say that I have a raging case of professional jealousy.  Or it could be because my AQ is 25.  One of the things I love about Ultimate Frisbee is that it’s the sport that all the engineers play.

And Berkeley on iTunes  I wonder if they have anything good…

Katherine’s LJ, Blog edition: (’cause I don’t wanna email Eric all these links)

Male monkeys prefer toy cars, females like dolls. The last section of this is connected by the thinnest threads to the rest of it. Better writing would have helped.

The end of crappy internet ads and some spam? Probably not, but NYC’s suit against FreeiPods.com can’t hurt. Not class action. NY attorney general.

GoogleMaps meets the US Census Report. Dang, there’s 21,000 people living in a one mile radius of me?

And lastly, Dissecting Barbie

Edit: Woah, what’s up with this new location feature? It ends up being a link to my *address*? What’s this based on, my IP address? Has LJ announced this feature? I don’t find this particularly cool. I’ve cleared out the “Current Location??? That’s new. At my desk, as usual.” that would be in my tag line, so this might not make much sense to others who…read my journal.