Book #30! I hit my goal! *and there was much rejoicing* The Rope Trick by Lloyd AlexanderI nabbed this book via PaperbackSwap. I was interested in what Lloyd Alexander could do with a female protagonist after reading pieces of his more "boy-oriented" Pyrdain and Westmark series. What I got was a hardback in near perfect … Continue reading

Two Short Reviews

Book #29 - In Maremma by David Leavitt & Mark MitchellNice little memoir, though a little scattered.  Not a consistent whole, but very pleasant in its anecdotes.  I especially enjoyed the bit about taking ones olives to be pressed.  Not much else to say about it really.*** ** *** ** *** ** *** ** ***Watched … Continue reading Two Short Reviews

Book #28 - Renfield: Slave of Dracula by Barbara HamblyThis was an impulse buy at the library book sale.  I'm occasionally interested in what other people can do with the Dracula mythos, but this book really didn't do much.  Refield isn't very compelling and the entirely of the story lacked any tension.  To put it … Continue reading

Book #27 -  New Moon by Stephanie Meyer(Now *officially* tying last year's number of books read.)Not as good as the first in the series.  I got a little annoyed with the main character being dense about a few things.  That may be because she's a young character or it could be that Meyer is relying … Continue reading

Book #26 - Between Good and Evil by Roger L. Depue with Susan Schindehette(Somehow I managed to miscount how many books I've read this year...despite keeping a list...)The full title of this book is Between Good and Evil: A Master Profiler's Hunt for Society's Most Violent Predators.  Which is a mostly inaccurate and luridly tabloid … Continue reading

Book #26 - The Almost Moon by Alice SeboldIt seems that as much as people liked The Lovely Bones they dislike The Almost Moon.  I read The Lovely Bones back in 2003 after it had been popular for quite a while.  Though literary fiction, it was getting notice in the fantasy/horror circles and that always … Continue reading

Book #24 - Twilight by Stephanie MeyerThis is a very popular book.  It been here and there in genre blogs and it was even recommended to me by someone I know!  The next Harry Potter, some mutter.  Young adult.  ...  vampires! ...  What am I doing reading this book???Okay, it's time to come clean.  There … Continue reading