Reading 2008

Book #30 - Wandering: Notes And Sketches by Hermann HesseThis morning, while I was not sleeping, I went to my bookshelf to see if there was anything I could possibly read in a day. And there it was piled between some poetry and William Goldman, a slim volume of Hesse. Considering the mold and watermarks … Continue reading Reading 2008

Fork Me.

Edits are done. At the moment, I've had two hours of sleep in the last 23 and am fried. I'm fairly convinced my editor has never worked with anyone as incompetent me and that this whole process has been an exercise in futility. That my novel sucks. 'Course, I believe I've heard that by the … Continue reading Fork Me.

Light Christmas Reading

Book #28 - Religious Freedom by Helene Hanff I found this book via PaperBack Swap, and being a fan of Miss Hanff's, I ordered it up. Yes, yes. It's a kid's history book. But you know what? It's better than much of the history I was tortured with during my schooldays. History is a fascinating … Continue reading Light Christmas Reading

My name’s Katherine. I’m a curly girl.

Book #27 - Curly Girl by Lorraine MasseyI have a feeling that every woman can relate their history in relation to their hair. I'm not a particularly looks-conscious person, but even I have trouble coming up with a concise overview of what life has been like with my locks. I have thin, curly, red hair … Continue reading My name’s Katherine. I’m a curly girl.

Capsaicin, Nurk, & Christmas Music

Book #26 - Nurk: The Strange, Surprising Adventures of a (Somewhat) Brave Shrew by Ursula VernonYes, I know. That's two kids' books in a row, but I really did want to read it before giving it to my niece for Christmas. Not that I was worried about content. Nurk is written by and artist and … Continue reading Capsaicin, Nurk, & Christmas Music

Five to go…

Book #25 - Gypsy Rizka by Lloyd AlexanderObtained and read mainly to get a bead on whether Alexander has any more good "girl" books. I have an overage of nieces for whom the Chronicles of Prydain are going to be too boy-adventure centric. I suppose, Gypsy Rizka is a decently girly book. There's an engagement, … Continue reading Five to go…

My fingers hurt…

Book #24 - Letters of a Woman Homesteader by Elinore Pruitt StewartA widow, Elinore Stewart gave up her labors as a laundress and established a homestead in early 1900s Wyoming. Stewart's letters reveal a well-read, funny woman who isn't afraid of hard work or a few adventures, but is sheepish about her hasty marriage to … Continue reading My fingers hurt…