And the other…

While reading Rebecca Rosenblum's run-down of the books she read last year, I realized I hadn't mentioned what my favorites of 2009 were. Honestly, it was a pretty low year as far as reading materials were concerned. Kij Johnson's "26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss" was definitely the high point, along with Peter S. Beagle's We … Continue reading And the other…

Ending The Year; Books Read

Yesterday and today were a pretty nice way to end the year. Indeed, the decade(!). Wednesday was highlighted by a nice long session of disc and a Nebraska win in their bowl game. Added value, we watched the game at Majerle's with Reif (poor Arizona fan), Sean, Laura, Casey and Jeff. I had a tasty … Continue reading Ending The Year; Books Read

Harpys, Bats, Audio Books

Recently read: "The Horrid Glory of Its Wings" by Elizabeth Bear, Illust. John Jude Palencar There aren't enough harpy stories in the world. I've finished, mostly, the holiday gift buying. I still spend too much money on books, but now it's mostly limited to books for the nieces and nephews. Christmas book-buying usually entails a … Continue reading Harpys, Bats, Audio Books

Random Reading Notes

A couple of notes about what I've been reading that haven't been transferred from my written journal: Tolkien does an amazing job of adding detail to the travel log chapters. While I'm not a fan reading about scenery, I don't hate these chapters. Tolkien seems encyclopedic in his knowledge of the natural world and puts … Continue reading Random Reading Notes


I realized on Monday that Obscure Media Monday was slightly over a year old. In that time I wrote 32 entries. I should post more often, or at least more regularly. I've been shooting for every-other week and posting less than when I was trying to post every week. *shrug* Human beings seem to harbor … Continue reading Sharing

And I’m probably not going to make my reading goal either!

Officially, I've thrown in the towel on this year's NaNoWriMo. The last word count was 28,673. A few thousand of those word might end up in some manuscript written in the near future. I'll get back to this version of the Alterverse in January. For the remainder of November and in December, I plan on … Continue reading And I’m probably not going to make my reading goal either!

Readathon! The Final Hours

Considering I had one hour of sleep between 8am Friday morning and 11pm Saturday night (and that was a nap in Eric's ugly, green chair), it's not surprising that I couldn't keep my eyes open by hour 23 of the read-a-thon. If I do this again, a little more planning might be in order. Compared … Continue reading Readathon! The Final Hours