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Insane and rising in my own weird way…

I have a week to get back into the swing of things before round 3 of RoW80, and I’m feeling better than I have in a while.

I did some work on Divine Fire on Thursday and Friday. Not much, but it’s some momentum.

I also retrieved the rights to Lucinda at the Window. Its publication happened at a very bad time for the publisher, and I always felt that I was at the end of a very long queue. What attention was given to the project was always a little second rate. I’m not entirely faultless. I could have gotten out and pushed, but my dissatisfaction bred apathy. My sister, Tessa, is working on a new cover and after a revision/formatting, I’m going to re-release Lucinda as an ebook. There is work associated with this that will doubtlessly go at the end of a long queue, but at least it will be my long queue.

Over at Reading Notes, I’ve posted about Michael Lewis’ Moneyball and Joe Hill’s Horns as well as a wrap up of Spring Reading Thing. Amazingly, this means I finished reading four books in June and achieved my #ToBeReMo goal! Huzzah!

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Friday Summary: Reading, Disc

Two posts over at Reading Notes this week, one on Natalie Goldberg’s Wild Mind and the other about Karen Elizabeth Gordon’s Torn Wings and Faux Pas. I joined #ToBeReMo, but my number of books finished will be inflated due to my way of reading. I have the habit of working through several books at once. I was probably 75% done with Wild Mind when I signed up, and 50% done with Gordon’s book. Currently, my reading set up is like this: two hours in the morning to read twenty pages of I, Asimov, a chapter of a grammar book (probably will finish Sin and Syntax), write morning pages, and whatever is left over to read some other book (probably Moneyball by Michael Lewis or Joe Hill’s Horns). I’m on Goodreads, btw.

Unfortunately, if I don’t get writing work done, I might need to curtail my reading time.


Had a great couple of games of disc, Wednesday and yesterday. Wednesday disc made it feel like I was finally getting back to my regular routine. Didn’t play especially well (I continued to try flicks into the cross wind), but felt pretty good. I woke up yesterday to achy hands and feet. I taped up and ibuprofen-ed up and felt fine by women’s league time. I still have the frustrating tendency of looking off open women because they don’t look open to me. I’m working on that. My D was good. We won. When this teams shows up, we play pretty well. It would be nice to win next week too and have a(nother) rematch with the green team.


Been thinking about love versus fun, but I’ll write about that some other day.

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Friday Summary

Where am I?

  • Pas de Chat finished posting this past Sunday. Still undecided on whether I want to spend time cleaning it up. My sister Tessa is willing to help out with cover art (and new cover art for Lucinda at the Window), but I haven’t touched base with her since Wednesday. She’s working on establishing a photography business, but is willing to provide a family discount. (And I might help set up a better website for her.)
  • My thoughts on two of the Nebula nominated novellas, including the winner, over at Reading Notes.

What else am I up to?

Oma’s memorial was Wednesday morning. It was less painful than I expected. Pastor Tim provided a lovely homily, my sis provided a beautiful photo for the service, and Elvis’s music had me bawling. Aunts Eileen and Leona, Cousins Tim and Mike, and Mike’s daughter came in *for the day* from northern Minnesota, North Dakota and Iowa. They were a comfort to my grandfather. Currently, I’m doing okay, but I’m not sure if the ramifications of Oma being gone have entirely sunk in. While walking through Gordmans today I thought that I should report back on the interesting lawn ornaments, that Oma might want to check them out. And then caught myself.

Haven’t gotten back to work yet. I’m spending today at my in-law’s house. Eric and I took a trip to Ted & Wally’s and we’re going out to dinner with my sister-in-law and her family tonight, but mostly my potential work day has been spent catching up on a few things. Getting closer to normal. It’s been chilly and rainy here, weather I generally like. Yet, I find myself wishing for the heat and the dry. I’m sure I’ll regret that about five minutes after we touch down in AZ.

My mom gave me her Sony eReader. I’ve been having some fun with that, but it makes me want a tablet PC more.

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This post brought to you by the letter F

Where am I?

  • Pas de Chat: We’re on chapter 43. Not much left.
  •  "Reviews" of Q’s Legacy and Doomsday Book over at Reading Notes.

Free & Legal
In a fit of pique, I canceled Netflix instant on Tuesday. As soon as I did, I remembered that all the Star Treks were coming to Instant View. Oh well. By Thursday morning, I experienced the strange sense of relief that comes from having fewer choices. Time to restock my Hulu queue, browse what’s available from channel websites, and watch some tennis. There is a plethora of free and legal TV out there. Also, coincidentally I received an invite to Zediva, which is not free, but cheap, and…currently legal. Skirting a gray area, if you will.

Had lunch with Betsy on Wednesday at Beaver Choice. She wanted to give their GF menu a go before she departs AZ. I decided to have the haddock in cream sauce. When did I start liking fish? When did I start liking cream sauce? I will admit that I have quite a bit of faith in Beaver Choice to serve me good food, but this wasn’t having a little taste of someone else’s fish and deciding I liked it. This was ordering it for myself, and thinking it was a good idea from the start. Actually, I’ve been watching quite a few food shows via Hulu and I often find myself looking at a dish and thinking, "I’d try that," even if it involves things I don’t particularly like. (The exception, it would seem, being rice…)

Sony Online has been having some problems. As a subscriber, I’ve been trying not to freakout and have taken some precautions to secure my credit account. EverQuest 2 has been down since the 2nd, curtailing my aether racing and house decorating. I’m not the sort to get twitchy when I don’t get my MMO fix, so the outage isn’t a big deal. Eric, seeking relief from finals week, decided to try Allods last night. I noted the fact and continued watching Hugh Jackman singing and dancing (a little) in Oklahoma!. On my way to get a soda from the fridge, I checked on Eric’s game and saw these:

A playable race of fuzzy critters named gibberlings. Yep. Had to play. And you don’t just play one gibberling. No, no, you play a group of three. And if you’re the equivalent of a druid, you have a vicious squirrel pet too. I can’t resist the fuzzies…

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Notes & G is for…

Other than RoW80 and A to Z, where am I:

The second part of Chapter 40 is up at Pas de Chat.
Posted a review-ish thing of Prospero Lost at Reading Notes.
Speaking of Reading Notes, I’m going to participate in Dewey’s Read-a-thon tomorrow. I’ll be updating all day!

This was the last week of spring league. Mario’s Magic Mushrooms ended the season with one win, but 7th seed on Thursday night. Ended up in the same pool as the team Eric’s on. Next week, we start playoffs and next Saturday will be finals. Which means I need to get more exercise lined up. We’ll probably go out to Intel disc again. I ran/hiked Tempe Butte on Monday. It was nice so that’s probably something I’ll add to my agenda until it gets too warm.

Finally, officially, moved the computers around. I now have "Oblivion" in my office space and "Continuum" shifted over to my side of the backroom (where I’ve been working since January). Eric’s new computer, "Luck," Is still sitting semi-assembled on the backroom table in troubleshooting mode. Unfortunately, the keyboard from my office space is attached to "Luck" and I have the elderly Eric-cootie ridden keyboard. I have been assured that this will be remedied in the very near future.


G is for Goals

There are two ways to set goals:

You can set a goal that will be easy to achieve. The advantage is you can guarantee yourself a victory. Satisfaction at getting a job *done*. The disadvantage is that you might not achieve as much as you can achieve.

You can set a goal that will stretch you. The advantage is that you might get more done than you thought you could. The disadvantage is that you might fail to reach your goal, even if you end up achieving more than a conservative goal. That can be disappointing. Or you can prove that you can do more than was expected of you and have to live up to higher expectations.

I know there is virtue in the latter, though I am not overly fond of that kind of goal. I developed as a schooly over-achiever. Failing to achieve a goal is painful. I’m always gaming myself, weighing how much of a compromise I can get away with. And I get complacent and happy with the small amount I get done. I need to work on this.

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This and That on a Lazy Sunday

It seemed more appropriate to post my RoW80 update over at the Luck for Hire blog. So, that’s where it is.

Pas de Chat continues on: Chapter 36.

Kind of took the weekend off from Luck. Eric is taking a class in graph theory this semester and has a test on Monday, so lightening the narrative burden from him for a few days is a good thing. I’ve been reading a bunch and DMing a little and generally trying to be good and not re-up my EverQuest2 subscription.

The Women of Fantasy Bookclub is reading Prospero Lost by L. Jagi Lamplighter in March so I decided to read The Tempest in preparation (not that I’m sure it was necessary). I remember why I don’t like most of Shakespeare’s comedies. All the characters are putzes and nobody dies. My exception is Much Ado About Nothing and most loose adaptations of the comedies. While I haven’t seen it in a few years, it’s hard to believe that Forbidden Planet is based on The Tempest. I also have an especial sweet spot for 10 Things I Hate About You and the truest words that have ever been spoken about male-female relationships: Girls are suckers for guys that sacrifice themselves on the altar of dignity.

Today, I bake brownies. I would watch the Oscars but our over-air reception of ABC sucks and instead I’ll be following some blog/twitter/whatnot. This year’s bet is based on whether The King’s Speech (my pick) or Inception (Eric’s choice) will win more Oscars.

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Book #5 & Nebula Short Stories

Book #5 – A Sense of Where You Are by John McPhee

Subtitled A Profile of Princeton’s Bill Bradley. Which is exactly what it is.

I’m not a big sports fan. I didn’t grow up with sports. Attending UNL made me into a mild ‘Husker fan. I’ve never been to a Nebraska football game, and I had never watched a basketball game at all until Eric decided to take me to one on a whim back when we were still on campus in 1998-ish. Incongruously, I picked up a slight interest in non-collegiate tennis before I met Eric.

Moving to Arizona intensified my sports fandom. Partly because I am now "out-of-state" and sports are a means of maintaining allegiance to my home state. Partly because I now play a sport and am around more people who are sports fans, Eric included. And part of it is also because sports have become my seasons. The move from NE to AZ meant no more seasons as I knew them. No falling leaves, no snow, no thaw, no bloomin’ spring, but lots of what a Nebraskan might consider summer. It started with football season becoming my fall. Tennis (French Open, Wimbledon, US Open) became my respite from the heat of summer. And basketball has become my winter. I’m a newbie fan to all these things. My history/knowledge of theses sports only goes back a few years, so I pick up a sports book here and there.

Conversely, I’ve always enjoyed a good sports story. I’m a total sucker for overcoming the odds and triumphs of the spirit. A Sense of Where You Are isn’t one of those sports stories. It’s a profile. Bill Bradley was an outstanding player. While he himself might have downplay his physical abilities, he was not particularly handicapped in any manner. Growing up, he had support of his ideas and goals. From McPhee’s profile, it seems that Bradley took what ability and talent he had, worked damned hard and became an outstanding basketball player. While he obviously had passion for the game, it wasn’t his end goal and that’s an interesting story in itself, but not one told in my edition of the book.

My edition, published 1967, only includes Bradley’s collegiate career. It is assumed, at the end of this edition, that Bradley will go on to Oxford as a Rhodes scholar, utterly leaving basketball behind. This older edition kind of leaves off in the middle of the story. But still, I came way with a slightly better understanding of basketball and bit of its history. That was worth the quick read.


I dove into the Nebula nominated short stories having already read three of them. I have a round up of my very shallow thoughts on them over at Reading Notes.