Leave it all on the field.

I ran the Skirt Chaser 5K on Saturday. As I crossed the finish line, I thought to myself, "I should have run harder." Don't get me wrong, my leg muscles were in anaerobic land and my lungs were struggling to efficiently exchange gasses, but I had something left in me that I should have used up. I should … Continue reading Leave it all on the field.

Not very Flashy and also Slow

I've come to the conclusion that for me balance in life is not obtainable. Oh, overall everything probably evens out, but on any given day/week/month the scale might be weighted toward writing or socializing or VOTS stuff to the exclusion of most other things. For example, my good intentions of writing flash fiction every week … Continue reading Not very Flashy and also Slow


When I put together my 101 Things in 1001 Days list back in 2007, I included doing a "fun run" as the sort of end point to a series of running goals. At the time I was running a couple of miles fairly regularly, but not taxing myself. Other running goals on my list were Couch … Continue reading 27:39

Running, Movies, Tumblr

I realized Friday, with a slight shock, that the Skirt Chaser 5K is Saturday. I knew intellectually that it was the 13th, the Saturday before Valentine's Day. I had registered for it on Tuesday, so it's been on my mind, but logging it on my calendar and seeing it a mere week away was disconcerting. Until … Continue reading Running, Movies, Tumblr

12.5K for a 5K?

Thinking about running the Skirt Chaser 5K. Running a 5K, or the like, was on my now defunct 101 things list and I'd still like to do it. I've been running again and 3 miles isn't a hardship. Anyway, I had looked at the Skirt Chaser last year, and this year Casey (the social instigator) … Continue reading 12.5K for a 5K?

This journal is eight years old. I always think that I started it on Aug. 31,2000  and didn't post until Sept. 1st, but according to the stats LiveJournal keeps, I started this journal on Aug. 28th and didn't get around to posting until the 1st. It took me a while to warm up to the … Continue reading

And now I shall drink the world…

Just came in from my first 4 mile run of the year.  I'm actually surprised that I hadn't gone beyond 3.5 until today, but I *was* in pretty crappy running shape at the beginning of the year and then got sick in February.  Logged about an 8.5 min/mi too.  Not shabby for one as slow … Continue reading And now I shall drink the world…