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Opposable Thumbs, and other things I’m thankful for

After faring pretty well at league finals (I was mobile to the end!), I injured myself yesterday at pickup. I was cutting back to the thrower (I don’t remember whom), trying to out-run Chris Morgan, running "through" the disc space like you’re supposed to… The disc was thrown, I reached for it, misjudged… And the disc (a zippy throw, moving full speed) hit the tip of my left thumb, jamming the digit. The tip and the inside of the knuckle are bruised. Well, they were yesterday; I haven’t removed the tape yet today. The joint where my thumb meets my palm is sore too. Effectively, my thumb isn’t currently able to work in an opposable manner. And, man, you don’t miss opposable thumbs until they’re gone!

But seriously, I’m thankful for all the things my body can do, thankful for another year of decent health. I ran a 5K this year, I played four games of ultimate in a day. I’m thankful for the wealth of information available to me and the ability to make good decisions about my health.

I am thankful that ideas for fiction continue to flow, that Eric and I continue to tweak this writing collaboration thing. I am thankful that he pushes me to do better, that he pushes for our fiction to be better. And I’m glad that I’ve found new love for fiction this year. I do it a disservice by not working harder.

As ever, I am thankful for the people that populate my life. Eric, my family, my friends. I’m an introvert, so it might not seem like I value other people, but I do. Thank you all!

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My 101 entry!

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

Goodies I am thankful for:
(and I’ll try not to make it sound like a third grade list. 🙂 )
–My wonderful husband Eric. Not only because I’m not alone in life as I once feared I’d be, but because he gives me the emotional, mental, and financial support (pick whichever is most important) to be what I’ve for a long time dreamed of being: a writer.
–My family. They are all healthy and doing alright. I’m thankful that my dad has found a better paying job while my mom is out of work. I’m thankful that my grandparents looked GREAT when we visited them and I’m thankful that my brother has finally found some stability in his tumultous life.
–All my friends. My family and in-laws think I’m friendless and loney, but I know better. Thank you, all of you! I have friends all over the world, some of you new, some quite old. 🙂 You all are my support and sounding board.
–My health. Even when my body doesn’t please me, it’s there, it functions. And generally functions well.
–The roof over my head, the clothes on my back, the food on my table. All though my life, I’ve been provided for. Some times fat, some times lean. But always enough.

I expect today to be a good day. I’m cooking. Probably watch some of the Macy’s parade and then somefoot ball. Maybe get to play some D&D. Eric wasn’t feeling too well last night and he’s still asleep. I hope he’s feeling better today. We went to bed as 10pm last night though he did wage a pillow war for a while.