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The Apothic Man Series


Model Species CoverBook #1 of The Apothic Man

In Kenos, the city of enlightenment and innovation, a body with bizarre wounds is fished from the bay.

On the case are a middling apothynom, Investigator Paulos Gaent, and a religious objector to apothynom rule, Clerk Teria Bellaphaerenous. At cross purposes, a private investigator, Laros Nero, is hired by an anonymous client to discover the identity of the murderer for reasons other than justice.

It will take more than keen investigative abilities to stop the ongoing series of crimes in Kenos. It will require the unearthing of dark apothic knowledge that has been buried for an age.

Model Species is available for FREE from Smashwords (no log-in required) and Barnes & Noble.

Learn more about Weordan, the setting of the Apothic Man series.

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Friday Flash: A Tale of Balito Germand

It’s been an interesting week, writing-wise, and I’ve unfortunately been sort of out of it. Thanks to everyone who has been reading nonetheless. Here’s a summary and this weeks Friday Flash:

I was the winner of Emma Newman’s first Friday Flash podcast prize draw! To kick off her narration service, Em is recording pieces submitted by #FridayFlash participants. My piece was "Wicked Witch for Hire," my first Friday Flash and one of my all-time favorites. Em does a wonderful job of reading it; give it a listen! (And she pronounced my name right on the first go!)

Added Bounce! to 52/250, a site endeavoring to publish a year of flash fiction, each week with a theme. This past week’s theme was "small worlds." Small is relative.

Also, Pas de Chat is still going strong. I’m only up to chapter six, so if you haven’t been reading, it’s not too late to catch up.

[Edit:] Amelia T. is holding a Dream Sequence Blogfest. I added Lucinda’s dream from Ch. 4 of Lucinda at the Window.

And now, for this week’s Friday Flash. I’m currently working on a reread/editing pass of Divine Fire. It’s part of the Weordan universe, so there’s a couple of words that don’t exist in general English.


A Tale of Balito Germand

In the crowds, Balito could remain hidden, but he could also lose a mark unless they stood out.  Neltiar easily fit in with his plain face.  He was an everyman.  Marie was short and not striking enough to be unforgettable.   The pair would make good pickpockets in Balito’s estimation.  Not to mention Marie’s damned parasol.  Lavender was a popular color this season.

They stopped often at shops.  Sometimes they stayed for a while, sometimes the visit was so brief that their return took Balito by surprise.
When they turned a corner into an alley, Balito jostled past a pair of robed Ecclesians and smashed into a short man with a curly mop of brown hair.  He bounced off of Balito and crashed to the ground.

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Weordan work, SF/LH recap, Links

Finished Model Species reread yesterday. The more Eric and I talk about it, the more likely it is that I’ll do NaNoWriMo this year, with the next month and change spent smoothing Model Species‘ rough edges. The value of having 3+ novels in progress for Weordan (this year’s NaNo being the 4th/5th) is that it forces continuity. One of the main downfalls of episodic television (and series of novels) is that the richness of the world suffers due to the time-crunch the writers are under. We currently have the luxury of being able to spend time nailing things down and making the world work without deadlines.


Well, our game last night was certainly eventful.

To be honest, Short Flick/Looong Hammer is not a young team. The average age is slightly over 37 years old. Most of older SF/LH players can honestly be called veterans which gives us strong, wily handling ability, but occasionally less physicality. Playing efficiently together is going to be important. We were two men down for the night: Aaron (an unknown to us) and Bob (a tall, fast guy). The only other guy that Eric and I had not played with at least a few times was John, a player that Dave knows from Intel disc. All our ladies were in attendance: Kathi (a superb player despite knee problems), Kristi (who has played a few leagues), and Laura (a new-ish player that can *run*).

We started out trading points, with SF/LH going up a couple against Nappi and Nicole’s Town Tricycle (a call back to a previous team, Village Bicycle). Bryon, suffering from two jammed fingers which affected his handling, quickly worked out in interesting and non-standard offense and we worked on some front-and-switch defense. I’m not sure if those things helped last night, but with work, they could reap some interesting results. The blow of the night was losing Kathi. At about 6-4, Kathi made a great grab near the close sideline. She stumbled as momentum took her out of bounds. All would have been well if there wasn’t a spectator sitting on the ground right in front of her. In an effort to avoid him, Kathi fell. Kathi is the sort of player that generally plays in some pain, so when she started cursing loudly and often, we knew that things were not good. Dislocated elbow. 911 was called and Big Nate came over to help out until they arrived.

We continued play. (I must say that while my play last night was not very good, I am happy that I didn’t biff coming in for Kathi after that grab. I managed a backhand dump to Nabity.) For the first three-quarters of the game, Eric kept Vince (one of the best players in the Valley) in check while throwing a good number of scores. Unfortunately, Eric’s energy ran down. At 10-10, with one less dynamic player on the field, we couldn’t keep up with Tricycle’s offense. They made a three point run through soft cap and ended the game 10-13.

In all, it wasn’t a bad first game. There were some mistakes, but a good deal of potential. We’re going to need some discipline, but I don’t think that’s unreachable. My play was…not good. I need the boys on Wednesday to put harder marks on me because lately my play with a mark has sucked. Next week, I’m potentially playing savage with Kristi since Laura will be out of town (though there is the possibility for a substitute for Kathi). We’ll see. Every season is different.



Fitness – Exercise Wear for Muslim Women –

So you think Twitter’s modern? The Edwardian’s were doing it 100 years ago – using postcards instead of computers | Mail Online:

But the lack of punctuation and ungrammatical forms used on some postcards sparked the same moral panic that text-speak is generating today.

Neuromarketing ยป How To Praise Your Child

Food Habits Are More Important Than Most Important Obesity Risk Gene

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Reading, Not-Writing, and Dora

I’m enjoying the read-throughs that have been popping up online.  Currently I’m doing Tor’s read-through of The Lord of the Rings (and their “watch”-through of original series Star Trek). Yesterday, I stumbled across a “real-time” read-through of Dracula and I’m considering reading David Copperfield in the manner which it was published: as “19 monthly one-shilling installments, containing 32 pages of text“.  Apparently, I need tricks to get me to reading on a regular basis.


Last Friday, I started playing Mafia Wars on Facebook. Which set off an idea in Eric. Wouldn’t a Weordan-based Facebook game be an interesting idea, and maybe a good tertiary project for the summer? So, I’m doing a bit of research on the ins and outs of Facebook “RPGs” and application development.


Via youโ€™re reading too much into it:
About the Dora the Explorer “make-over” which, having no children, I knew nothing about: Why Mattel & Nick have it wrong

It seems that in an effort to extend the target demographic of the Dora brand, they’re aging her to about ten years old. In effect, kids can grow up with Dora. And there was a bit of a kerfuffle about whether this Dora was too sexualized or what-not, but really I think the problem comes down to this:

…the shoes. Yes, they are cute, but they are not adventurous shoes. Nancy Drew wore loafers. Sally Brown wore tennis shoes.

Okay, it doesn’t entirely come down to *just* the shoes, but it’s a starting point.  I don’t see anything about this character that makes me think “Dora the Explorer.” I mean shouldn’t Dora the Explorer have some adventuring gear? Can’t a little girl be cute and…girly…and still have her backpack of essential gear?


Summer is here.  I remember that I am not a fan.

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In which navel-gazing leads to an extended metaphor.

I feel like I should compile all the information we have written up on Weordan into some sort of bible. Last year I played around with creating a wiki, but a wiki can’t really be properly created or maintained by one, or even two, people. The strength of a wiki is having multiple people tinker and construct it. If one person is doing it, it’s a collection of poorly connected web pages. Really instead of organizing Weordan information, it probably just created another place between which the whole of Weordan is strung: notebooks, notecards, files on at least two computers *and* the wiki. Unfortunately, at this point, pulling all that info together (and deciding which of it is up-to-date) is a job all in itself.

The problem is, the organizing is work that’s several degrees away from the writing I want to be doing. I already have the work of editing: doing the changes and augments to Model Species and Divine Fire that will make Weordan a more real place.

Deep down, I guess I feel if I can just get through all the changes and augments, if I can just sort of kind of finalize one of these books, I can actually move on to *writing* the next one. Yes, the changes, the augments, all that’s writing too, but it’s the difference between love when you’re first dating and love when you’ve been married a while. Writing a shiny new novel (and I’m still referring to working on a novel in Weordan here) is like that crazy love. It’s fast and easy and can do no wrong! Doing more edits on Model Species is that day by day work or marriage. You get really tired of the garbage never being taken out, but it’s punctuated by exquisite golden moments that make it all worth while.

That being said, I plan on having a fling in November. There’s this outline I’m flirting with. Hopefully, the affair will last the entire month before the novel’s plot and detail problems become things for which young love can not overcome.  And then in December I’ll have to decide whether I’m ready to marry another novel, polymanusciptist that I am.

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I’ll regret mentioning it…

I have a possibly unhealthy interest in the whole Garden of Eden aspect of the Bible.  I blame Dr. Buhler and Milton.  The short story I recently had critiqued is a post-modern *cough* take on the whole fruit-eating incident.  And when discussing it with Eric, he riffed on how it might be interesting to use my short story appropriations of Biblical oddments to flesh out religion for Weordan.  This is a fairly okay idea though often as soon as a dabbling interest becomes official it loses any attractiveness.  But still, it would give me an excuse to putter around the aforementioned oddments.  And then it occurred to me that the story I’ve been trying to shoe-horn into ancient Egypt might belong somewhere in Weordan.  Cripes.  I might have to write the damn thing now…

Took a look at house prices in our neighborhood.  If they drop another 30K or so, we might consider one of the less shabby houses here.  The thought of three bedrooms (ie, a bedroom, a gaming room, and an OFFICE) makes me giddy.

Watched Atonement.
I can see why this was nominated for an Oscar and why it didn’t win.  It’s rather pretty, but I don’t think the prettiness really serves the story.  The long shot at Dunkirk is impressive, but sort of unneeded.  Children of Men has a long shot as well (though somewhat doctored digitally) that serves to build tension and immediacy.  In Atonement, it just seemed like decoration.  The acting was okay, though the dialog was a bit stilted, though there’s kind of a reason for that, I guess.  In all, it just sort of lacked something.  Still, I liked it better than There Will Be Blood.  Oh!  Looking at it’s Oscar win on IMDB, I am reminded of one other good thing: the sound and music.  The whole movie is haunted by typewriter noises.  Kind of cool.

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  • Did a test mockup of Huckwallas new site — Pauline liked it and said that I “should totally take the lead on this.” I am rather annoyed that we won’t have any access to the VOTS site. We have to send everything to Keith who will then up load it. I should be able to manage a bug-free site though.
  • Got 1200 words in.

Today, 1 pm

  • Tidied the bedroom and kitchen
  • Fiddled with Huckwallas page a little more (found a better Flash button thing)
  • Did dishes

Eric and I had yet another long talk about what’s going on with our fantasy world. We’ll get it figured out eventually, probably the day after it’s all done. This is a painful process for all involved.

This afternoon I’m going to do some freewriting about the Baeryard Plains and the archetype of the area. I’m also going to vacuum and clean the bathroom. Eventually I will get around to looking at gaming stuff for tonight. But first, I’m going to eat.