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Occasionally, I have days when nothing particularly matters. I don’t get any work done. During those kinds of days, I know I will regret getting nothing done. This doesn’t spur me into action. I don’t even spend my time doing something I shouldn’t, like playing EQ or dabbling with web pages. I do nothing. For long stretches. Sometimes, I drink during these bouts. Thursday and Friday were those kinds of days.

I could have worked Saturday and Sunday, but I didn’t. I feel less guilty for that. I would have resented it.

Today, I could spend time feeling like a heel for wasting so much of my time last week. That wouldn’t do me any good. Instead, I’ll get back to what I should be doing. And try to do *that* for as long as possible.

Recent reading:
Scene Stealer – Who Threw the DVD From the Train? –
Op-Ed Contributor – Reading Test Dummies – M*A*S*H: Col. Henry Blake’s Death

Listened to:
NIN|JA 2009
Must say, I wouldn’t mind going to this concert.

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As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

Take the test!

Heh. Figures. During one of our walks, Eric and I determined that we’re fairly bohemian in our lifestyle. Which means not very respectable by 1930 standards. Probably not very respectable by 00 standards either, but tough-kitty-toenails to convention.

I’m rather looking forward to downloading Firefox 3.  That puts me in a category of subgeek that would gather funny looks from normal people and sneers from educated geeks.  *shrug*

Went back to work on Model Species yesterday.  Trying to keep up with some reading and artistic stuff as well.  I haven’t drawn in a while and it was good to do so today.  Unfortunately, as far as the visual arts are concerned, my vision usually exceeds my abilities.  With a sketch done, I haven’t decided whether I want to fiddle with paints and pastels or scan it and fiddle with it in GIMP.  Probably will scan it, then ruin it with paints.

Book #9 – Enemy Mine (and The Talman and essays) by Barry B. Longyear

This is a reread.  Well, at least I think it is.  I’m pretty sure I read Enemy Mine back in high school or thereabouts.  But I don’t remember it being what I finished reading this morning.  It could be that my memories of the movie are overriding the book, or it could be that, since this version of Enemy Mine is a “director’s cut”, it is substantially changed and isn’t much like what I read before.  Probably a combination of all three factors. 

Anyway, since I’ve been contemplating religion within the Weordan world, I figured I’d take a look at how Longyear had done it in Enemy Mine.  As a bonus, the copy of EM I have is included in a weighty omnibus that includes two other novels set in the same universe, some essays by Longyear, and what he had worked out for the Drac’s holy book, the Talman.  Did I learn much?  Mmm…  I learned that Longyear is very much a writer of his time.  The Drac’s are us, really, not something entirely alien.  That’s okay.  The populations of Weordan are us too, only not very alien at all.  But what Longyear does with the religion sort of preempts the Drac culture.  It comes first, not the other way around which it how religions seem to me.  When I consider writing the myths and holy anecdotes of Weordan, I find it hard not to ask why such a story might have come about.  What was there first that created the myth?  If I appropriate my “Egyptian” girl into Weordan, what does that say about the history of the world?  How many worm cans do I open if I make that part of the world’s mytho-history?

I still maintain that anyone who thinks world building is fun isn’t doing it right…

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I’m almost afraid to say it, but I think Divine Fire is a better book writing-wise. (Afraid to say it because usually when I posit such a thing, Eric quickly smacks me upside my big ego.)

But, later, coming back and reading what I have produced, I am unable to detect the difference between what came easily and when I had to sit down and say, “Well, now it’s writing time and now I’ll write.” There’s no difference on paper between the two. ~Frank Herbert

It is strange reading a scene that I’ve tinkered with over and over again, a scene that has given me problems, and it actually ends up being solid.

Cripes, have I only been reading for an hour and twenty minutes?

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Doing a reread of Divine Fire to cement the ideas that were innovated in that book that need to be implemented in Model Species.  And vice versa, I suppose, as the case may be.  I did an hour or so this morning and a couple hours this afternoon and now I’ll do more tonight after dinner.

Dave organized a game of pickup ultimate and we went out and played.  It was nice.  Slightly different group than plays on Wednesdays, but with overlap.  A few Intel guys.  Not the group that usually plays on Sundays.  Dave said he had quite a few people who said they were interested, but couldn’t play tonight.  I played without my glasses again.  I’m still not convinced I’m better or worse without them.  Maybe a tad worse.  There were a couple of catches that I might have misjudged the speed of.  Or it might have been the wind and the setting sun.  *shrug*  Without actual data, it’s hard to tell.

My back is feeling pretty decent today.  Probably due to the weather evening out.  I’m glad.  I didn’t want to miss disc.  It’s so much better than just running.

Okay, we need to eat dinner soon.  This Guinness is having a little more effect than is conducive to work.

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We lost our game last night.  I don’t quite know why this team isn’t performing as well as expected.  We have the handling.  We aren’t lacking athleticism.  I guess we just lack the ferocity to get it done.  I don’t know.  We’re just really under-achieving.

Spent the morning taking care of a few VOTS things as well as doing the usual morning thing.  I wanted to get an hour of work in before noon, but I think it would be better if go on a short run before opening up Model Species.  My back needs it and having a stiff back all day isn’t going to conducive to work.

There might be an opportunity to play disc on Thursdays.  Yay!

Some random bits:
The man who made lists to fend off depression | Health | Reuters
Found: First lungless frog | Think Gene
Scientific American: Brain Images Make Inaccurate Science News Trustworthy
Viewing Cartoons Reveals Cultural Differences: Scientific American

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Very lazy, uh, weekend.  Like from Friday on.  Not too…professional of me.  For the last two weeks I’ve been keeping track of my hours worked on a Zoho spreadsheet.  First week I had a 25 hour work week, most of it involving designing graphics for Entangled Continua.  Last week I’m up to 34 hours, mostly Model Species editing.  If I hadn’t have been a complete lazy bum on Friday and Saturday, I might have actually hit a 40 hour work week.   I’ll keep improving.

Didn’t even exercise since Friday.  Well, okay, I did do some weight-training type stuff yesterday, but it was on the very light end.  Modified my FitDay “metabolism.”  Obviously since I have not lost weight in well over a year, I am not on average taking in 1850 calories burning 2025.  Yeah, it’s comforting to have the illusion of padding, but I have the tendency to use that fake padding too.

Today, I’m trying to catch up on all the little things that need to be done as well as the things that specifically need to be done today.  Like laundry.  Disc tonight.  Yay!

Currently, attempting to find a way of watching archived DVD files without converting them to DivX or some such.

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2008? Please, hold the line.

March was not a terribly good month.  It has definitely been the February of this year.  ‘Course February was okay probably because I sick during a good portion of it.  In general, a quarter in, 2008 has been a bit disconcerting.  The dynamic of work has changed, league’s been weird, and prospects for the rest of the year remain…unsettled.

Eric’s figuring out a plan for the summer.  He’s gotten an offer from a former boss that has established his own tech company.  He’s debating taking classes or trying to get into a lab that’s doing some research related to his field.  He might spend the summer working on private projects with me.  (A scary prospect for hermit-me.) There’s even been a wild plan of going to Omaha for several months.  (I would stay here aside for a week or so. See: Hermit-me.)  And me what are *my* plans for the summer?  Working more than usual would be a good plan.  Other than that, it’s very dependent on what Eric does.  I’m not very good at going-with-the-flow, but I find that it’s required of me.

Several YouTube links I gathered over the weekend.  It’s sort of interesting to see “old-guard” writers talking about their works.  Isaac Asimov sound much different than I thought he would.
YouTube – Frank Herbert – Interview on TV
YouTube – Isaac Asimov on The Golden Age of Science Fiction
YouTube – Isaac Asimov on Changes in Science Fiction after 1949
YouTube – Harlan Ellison – 1980
YouTube – Harlan Ellison Mind Fields part 2
In which Harlan is struck dumb…

Haven’t seen any good April Fool’s sites yet…