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Writer’s Block: The winning ticket

Very first? A nice dinner to celebrate.

What would I do with the rest? Maybe buy a new vehicle. Maybe not. Maybe buy a little house in the neighborhood. Maybe not. Maybe buy a little house south of San Diego to be a summer home. Maybe not. Maybe I’d have Eric invest it, stay pretty much where we are, and not worry about money while I write and Eric does his academic thing. Yeah, probably that. And a nice dinner.

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Writer’s Block: Good Days and Bad Days

Honestly, I really like Mondays. On Monday, the whole week is spread out before me with all its potential. I’m relaxed and rejuvenated from the weekend and usually I get quite a bit done on Mondays. Least favorite day? Probably Thursday. On Thursday, I’m already rounding down to the end of the week and I only have a couple of measly days to make good on all the potential I saw on Monday. While even I "leave work" early on Friday, there’s no possibility for that on a Thursday. At least not without feeling guilty about it.

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Writer’s Block: Your Username

Live Journal was probably the first instance of my using Katen as a handle. 

Previously, I had used fiona_mclaud, a perversion of William Sharp’s pseudonym Fiona MacLeod.  That handle was chosen because at the time my name was Katherine Miller.  Do you know how many Katherine Miller’s there are in this world?  So many than when I used to go and pick up my college loan check, the lady that took care of the L-Ns commented that she had a niece named Katherine Miller.  Who in fact looked a little like me.  Unless I wanted to be KatherineMiller7252, I had to choose something not my name.

By 2001, when I created my LJ, I was married and had been for over a year.  I like my married name, Katherine Nabity, but it’s still a bit cumbersome for use as a handle.  (Or username, if I join the 21st century.)  Therefore I shortened it.  Katen.  ‘Course, I never go by Kate, which is slightly counter intuitive, but it’s better than Katherinen or Kathyn.  Katen has become my default user name now, modified to Katenab if Katen is unavailable.

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Writer’s Block: On Your Tombstone

“What are standing around here for?”

Actually, I don’t plan on a gravestone.  I suppose, if my survivors want one, that’s cool.  Cemeteries are nice places.  Quiet, nice landscaping, but a gravestone sort of ties a person to a place.  People feel they should “visit” it.  Should stand around being sad or bored.  Better to go for a walk, live life.  Remember me when I’m gone, but don’t waste too much time on me.


Watching documentaries and working.  Actually having a pretty productive night.  Played disc this morning, then gamed with Chris (& Eric, of course).  Had a short nap and that leads pretty much to now.  I have about an hour’s work left in me and maybe some reading.