#RoW80 – May 11th Check In

Headed to the library on Monday. I needed to renew my card and I, shamefully, hadn't been there since they finished their renovations. My laptop's screen is on the fritz, so I took an old-fashioned notebook and pen with me. Over coffee and lemon cake, I wrote the beginning of two of my additional scenes. … Continue reading #RoW80 – May 11th Check In

Fiction & Inspiration

 won a Nebula last night (novelette category) for “Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast". Yay, Eugie! Go read!---###---Chapter 5, pt. 1 of Pas de Chat is on the 'net. I'd love it if you'd give that a look too.---###---A post by Safetycomfort has been going around my corner of the Twitterverse. … Continue reading Fiction & Inspiration

Friday Flash: The Moth Chatter Lily

Like last week's Friday Flash, this is an older piece that I took a new look at. I think I wrote it for an anthology of imaginary plants. It does have connection to Weordan, though the concept has been transposed to "the real world." Try as I might, I couldn't find a way to wrap a plot … Continue reading Friday Flash: The Moth Chatter Lily

Friday Flash: Wicked Witch for Hire

Wicked Witch for HireThis wand is made out of a unicorn's horn. No, truly it is. But I know what you're thinking. Gnarled wood.  Or maybe twisted metal, after you've picked it up and felt its weight.  A dumb, blind dwarf with crushed hands had made the wand, you might think.  All his anger, frustration, … Continue reading Friday Flash: Wicked Witch for Hire

Pain.  I've been in pain too much lately.  My joints ache.  Rusted, slow.  An ache that sits in the bone.  Every movement puts stress on the joint, pulls it in a way that is normal, yet is not wanted.  What will my hand become in the years ahead?  My grandmother, with her fingers gnarled and … Continue reading

"Crazy" thing?  How crazy does crazy have to be?  I've always wanted to learn how to climb, but is that really crazy?  With the advent of rock gyms, it seems to have become rather mainstream.  Still, doing something that involves heights always seems a bit crazy to me.  Alas, as my rheumatism gets worse and … Continue reading

Writing Prompt:  An old storyteller. "I think I've been cursed."  As soon as the word 'cursed' reached his own ears, Hil was overcome with the embarrassing corniness of the notion.  He didn't believe in that sort of stuff, and he didn't expect anyone else to either, even this ancient skin-and-bones woman with her watery hag … Continue reading