NaNoWriMo 2018 Update

Today is the 15th—the halfway mark for NaNoWriMo—so I figured I'd do an update.* So, how has it been going? Word-count-wise, good. I had planned 25 days of writing 2000 words/day with five days off. I haven't taken any days completely off, but I've definitely had a couple of (four) days of sub 1666s days. … Continue reading NaNoWriMo 2018 Update

Writing Update, 9/12

What's Going on Work-wise? I spent time last week and the week before formatting Eric's Martian Engineer's Notebook series. It took a little longer than I expected. The books are a deep dive into the science behind Andy Wier's The Martian and have a lot of mathematical and chemical equations. The biggest hurdle, though, was … Continue reading Writing Update, 9/12

Writing Update, 7/25

How's It Going? Eh. Well, Our Past in the Uncanny Valley is out of Amazon pre-pub review jail. I needed to remove a couple stories and I've since restructured it. I rewrote the pertinent intro materials, but now I'm not totally satisfied with the formatting (unrelated to the restructuring). So, I'm sitting on it for … Continue reading Writing Update, 7/25

Writing Update, 7/11

How's It Going? Or rather, "Hey, Katherine, wasn't some sort of anthology that you edited supposed to come out last week or something? What's up with that?" Reader, it's been a rough couple of weeks... Our Past in the Uncanny Valley is stuck in Amazon review jail. This is a good deal my fault. I … Continue reading Writing Update, 7/11

Writing Update, 6/26

How's It Going? Good! I'm set to publish Our Past in the Uncanny Valley by Monday. Why Monday? July 2nd is the anniversary of its inception. The idea of an anthology of automata fiction came during a WesterCon panel on Victorian sci-fi. And below is the cover and table of contents: "The Sand-man" by E. … Continue reading Writing Update, 6/26

Five Word Story Challenge

Lori @ Betwined Reads tagged me a couple weeks ago for this fun little writing challenge. I meant to get it done last week in place of my Wednesday writing update, but I'm not the best at keeping to a blogging schedule. Witness! this will be a Tuesday post. The "Rules" Thank the person who tagged … Continue reading Five Word Story Challenge

Writing Update, 5/23

How's It Going? It's going pretty well. All the stories for Our Past in the Uncanny Valley are formatted. The introductory matter is drafted. Acknowledgements are done. What's left: Front matter Additional back matter Table of contents Introductions need to be polished and proofed. Ticky-tack pass on the story formatting. Finalize the cover. That's still quite … Continue reading Writing Update, 5/23