The Black Cat Project

While searching for short stories for Our Past in the Uncanny Valley, I became familiar with HathiTrust‘s library of scanned books and periodicals. I’ve also been wanting to do a project where I read serial literature from a previous era in the time-frame it was published. This isn’t quite that, but I’d like to imagine that it’s one hundred and twenty three years ago and I just picked up  (for 5¢) the recent issue of The Black Cat at my local newsstand.

Why The Black Cat? During my other research, it struck me as being maybe more likely to contain genre stories and maybe more likely to include female authors. These are just feelings of mine. I haven’t (yet) taken a good survey of The Black Cat‘s contents or how they compare to other magazines of the era.

My plan is to read an issue each month in October, November, and December and report back. If it goes well, I’ll continue this project.